Housebuilder Client

Housebuilder Client

We are pleased to work with housebuilders as they kit out homes that will soon become someone’s pride and joy.

One well-known housebuilder approached us because they needed bespoke wardrobes for a sizeable project they were undertaking in London. We specialise in being able to offer sizing and design for just about every need, so we were happy to apply this housebuilder’s requirements to one of our key ranges.

The client was happy with our suggestions and, because we do all our own manufacturing on-site, we were able to prepare the products fast, using our skilled in-house team.

We then delivered to the construction site using a FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) registered vehicle. In this case, the client was prepared to assemble the units themselves, but of course, we provided full advice.

We delivered the project on time, and the client was so pleased with the outcome that we are now working with them regularly.

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